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If you're a Florida native, or just here for your vacation, it is very likely that you've encountered one of the 80+ species of Mosquito found here. These pests are not only known for being annoying, but they also carry potentially deadly diseases. We have plenty of experience dealing with these flying blood-suckers!

Mosquito Facts:
Lay their eggs in water
A single female can produce over 1 billion offspring in a month
Carry West-Nile Virus

Count on Pest Scientists and our long track-record of solving mosquito problems across the state of Florida!

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If you've every left food out by accident, you have most likely seen an endless trail of ants filing in. A single colony of Ants can contain up to 500,000 workers that will invade your home, or yard, in search of food for their queen. Many store-bought Ant extermination products fail to even kill a fraction of the colony, this is why you should hire the professionals found at Pest Scientists.

We exterminate:
Black Ants
Carpenter Ants
Fire Ants

Put an end to the mounds of pests in your beautiful yard, and Ant intruders in your home. Call Us Today!

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Other Pests to keep an eye out for:


Fruit Flies


Bees & Wasps